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Steel Profiles UK on the iPad

Steel Profiles UK on the iPhone

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Steel Profiles UK

Steel Profiles UK is an easy to use and full-featured reference tool that includes steel shapes from British standards. Geometry, detailing and design properties are available for each shape, complete with a full description. Shapes are sortable and searchable by different criteria. Each value can be converted to different units.


  • English, German, French, Spanish and Italian localization
  • Seek steel shapes from British standards
  • Use a unique app for iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • See all major geometrical, detailing and design properties together with full descriptions
  • Sort by different properties in ascending or descending order
  • Search shapes by name or by other major properties (minimum area, weight, moment of inertia, elastic modulus and radius of gyration)
  • Convert all values in any units you want (i.e. mm, cm, m, in) and search shapes by properties in converted values
  • Enjoy detailed graphics enhanced for Retina displays
  • Rotate your device to maximize the displayed data
  • Choose between a dark and a light theme

For iPad only:

  • Two different views available: Table and All-in-one.
  • Table view lists multiple shapes together with additional properties on the same row (just like classical sheet tables). You can immediately compare up to seven properties (area, weight, moments of inertia and many others at your will) of multiple shapes.
  • All-in-one view lists both shapes and the properties of the selected one



  • BS 4-1:2005 (UB, UC, UBP, J, PFC, T)
  • BS 4-1:1993 (CH)
  • BS EN 10056-1:1999 (L)
  • BS EN 10210:1997 (hot-rolled square, rectangular and circular hollow sections)
  • BS EN 10219:1997, BS EN 10219:2006 (cold formed square, rectangular and circular hollow sections)


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